Sauce Gardner sends message on ‘Swifties’ conspiracy theory 


New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner became part of an NFL conspiracy theory regarding a controversial holding penalty during their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Fans suspected the NFL favored the Chiefs because pop star Taylor Swift was in attendance to watch Travis Kelce play. 

The NFL's Instagram account added fuel to the fire by mentioning the Chiefs' success when Taylor Swift was present. 

Gardner initially joined the conversation on Twitter, suggesting that if he were a Swiftie (a Taylor Swift fan), the referee might not have thrown the flag. 

Gardner's tweet mysteriously disappeared, possibly due to Jets' PR intervention. 

The penalty on Gardner drew widespread criticism, including remarks from NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth, who highlighted uncalled contact by the Jets. 

NFL insiders like Dov Kleiman speculated about the outcome of the season, hinting at possible bias towards the Chiefs, contributing to the conspiracy theory. 

Fans react to Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift situation after game