Patrick Mahomes sends loud message to Philadelphia Eagles 


Patrick Mahomes acknowledges the competitiveness of Super Bowl LVII against Jalen Hurts, praising both as top players in their positions. 

The Chiefs won the game 38-35, with Mahomes named Super Bowl MVP, highlighting the mutual respect between him and Hurts. 

In the 2023 NFL season, Mahomes commented on the Eagles' innovative "tush push" play, recognizing it as an advantage due to their exceptional execution. 

Mahomes believes other teams have tried to replicate the play but can't match the Eagles' precision and power, crediting their offensive line and quarterback. 

The "tush push" play, designed by Eagles' head coach Nick Sirianni, had a high success rate in 2022 and continues to be effective in 2023. 

While the Chiefs may not need this play, Mahomes' endorsement suggests that other teams may attempt to adopt it, keeping the NFL playbook dynamic. 

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