Patrick Mahomes' late slide causes bad beat for Kansas City Chiefs bettors 


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' late slide in the game against the New York Jets had significant implications for bettors. 

Bettors had placed wagers on the Chiefs to win by 8 points or more due to the point spread fluctuating between Chiefs -7.5 and 9.5 throughout the week. 

Instead of scoring a touchdown when he had an open field, Mahomes opted to slide down inbounds at the 2-yard line, securing a first down and allowing the clock to continue running. 

If Mahomes had scored a touchdown on that play, the Chiefs would have won by 10 points, covering the spread. 

While the Chiefs secured a 23-20 victory, Kansas City bettors were disappointed as they missed out on the spread due to Mahomes' late slide. 

This decision by Mahomes had repercussions for gamblers and was a significant topic of discussion among sports enthusiasts and bettors, while sportsbooks celebrated the outcome. 

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