Packers star Jonathan Owens defends Simone Biles against nasty allegation 


Green Bay Packers star Jonathan Owens defends his wife, gymnastics legend Simone Biles, against allegations of rudeness made on social media. 

The allegations stemmed from an encounter where a person claimed Biles refused to take a picture with her four-year-old and was described as "rude." 

The person further stated that Biles complained to a store manager about being watched while shopping. 

Owens responded to the allegations by emphasizing that spreading lies on the internet is unacceptable and that Biles had the right to decline a photo request for privacy reasons. 

He also expressed disbelief at the characterization of Biles, saying he had never heard her speak to someone that way, especially someone requesting a picture. 

Owens made it clear that he is protective of his wife and won't tolerate attempts to tarnish her reputation. 

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