NFL's C.J. Stroud Shatters IQ Test Stereotypes with Unbelievable Rookie Streak


C.J. Stroud's early performance in the NFL has defied concerns raised by an S2 cognition test, which he allegedly scored poorly on before the NFL Draft. 

Stroud, despite low test scores, has outperformed other rookie quarterbacks, throwing for 1,212 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions in his first four NFL games. 

The Houston Texans, with Stroud at quarterback, have become a competitive force in the AFC South, winning two consecutive games. 

Stroud's success challenges the idea that the S2 cognition test is a definitive predictor of quarterback success, as some NFL executives and coaches had previously suggested. 

Critics who pointed to Stroud's low S2 score are now reconsidering its significance, acknowledging that it's just one piece of the evaluation puzzle. 

Stroud's strong start in the NFL suggests that the S2 test should not be the sole factor in evaluating quarterback talent, with other factors like on-field performance and experience playing crucial roles in assessing a player's potential. 

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