NFL world has insane Taylor Swift theory 


During the Kansas City Chiefs' recent 23-20 win over the New York Jets, controversial calls raised eyebrows among fans. 

Fans speculate that the NFL might be favoring the Chiefs due to their connection with pop superstar Taylor Swift. 

The controversial calls included a defensive holding call against Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner and a no-call on holding by Chiefs offensive lineman Donovan Smith. 

NFL insider Mike Florio highlighted these calls and their potential implications in favoring the Chiefs due to Taylor Swift's new relationship with star tight end. 

Florio suggested that the NFL's alignment with the Taylor Swift brand fuels this speculation. 

Even though there may be no concrete evidence, calls like these make some fans believe that the NFL has a special affinity for the Chiefs due to their association with Taylor Swift. 

Fans have begun embracing this theory surrounding the NFL's favoritism towards the Chiefs in the wake of their connection with the global pop superstar. 

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