NFL world bashes Chris Simms for horrible Jalen Hurts comments 


NBC analyst Chris Simms criticized Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles for his "tush push" goal-line move, expressing strong disapproval. 

Simms suggested that defenders should target Hurts if he continues with this move, advocating for aggressive tactics to stop the quarterback. 

Jalen Hurts responded to the controversy by stating he had no thoughts on the matter and highlighted that their team was unique in using the move effectively. 

Simms' comments sparked a strong reaction from NFL fans, with some expressing displeasure at his endorsement of violence against the star quarterback. 

However, others defended Simms, suggesting that he may have only meant to emphasize the need to stop Hurts, not to incite harm. 

The debate surrounding Simms' comments highlights the ongoing discussions and controversies within the NFL world. 

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