NFL player sends brutal message to Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift 


NFL player Byron Murphy plans to use Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift for trash-talking when the Kansas City Chiefs face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 5. 

Murphy acknowledges the social media buzz surrounding Kelce and Swift's relationship but expresses interest in whether Swift will attend the game. 

Despite being a fan of Swift, Murphy intends to spoil Kelce's game if Swift does attend, suggesting he'll try to disrupt Kelce's performance. 

Murphy also aims to use Kelce's connection with Swift as a means of provoking him with trash talk during the matchup. 

It may be challenging to distract Kelce, given his reputation as one of the NFL's most dynamic offensive players. 

The Chiefs have performed well since their Week 1 loss to the Detroit Lions, making it a strategic move to attempt to disrupt Kelce's game. 

The upcoming game between the Chiefs and the Vikings is generating extra attention due to the Kelce-Swift storyline, adding an intriguing element to the matchup. 

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