NFL issues "open invitation" to Taylor Swift to attend any game 


The NFL has extended an "open invitation" to Taylor Swift to attend any of their games, recognizing her significant influence on viewership. 

Taylor Swift's recent presence at a Bears-Chiefs game boosted the total audience to over 24 million, particularly among the 12-17 and 18-49 female demographic. 

Reports suggest Swift may attend a Sunday night game between the Chiefs and the Jets at MetLife Stadium. 

Ian Trombetta, NFL's senior vice president of social and influencer marketing, confirmed the open invitation, but he neither confirmed nor denied her attendance on Sunday night. 

The NFL appears to be capitalizing on Swift's star power to attract more viewers, even though it's uncertain if her fans will develop a lasting interest in the sport. 

There is concern that if Swift's involvement with the NFL ends negatively, the league could face backlash from her fans. 

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