NFL Expanding Practice Squads to Include One International Player Starting in 2024 


Global Expansion 

The NFL is taking steps to make American football a more global sport by including one international player on each team's practice squad, starting in 2024. 

International Pathway Program 

This move builds upon the success of the NFL's International Pathway Program, which began in 2017 and allowed one international player to be on a team's 53-man roster. 

Enhancing Opportunities 

By expanding the practice squads, the NFL aims to provide more opportunities for talented athletes from around the world to be identified, nurtured, and developed. 

Commitment to Global Growth 

Peter O’Reilly, NFL Executive Vice President, emphasizes the league's commitment to building a sustainable pathway for elite global athletes into the NFL. 

Increased Local Connections 

This expansion is expected to create stronger connections with football fans worldwide, as they watch international players progress through the ranks. 

Past Success Stories 

The International Pathway Program has already produced success stories, with players like Jordan Mailata, Efe Obada, Jakob Johnson, Sammis Reyes, and David Bada making their mark in the NFL. 

Jordan Mailata's Success 

Jordan Mailata, from Australia, is a prime example of the program's success, becoming one of the NFL's top left tackles and securing a lucrative contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Growing Global Talent Pool 

With this initiative, the NFL is not only promoting international talent but also enriching the league's talent pool, promising a more diverse and competitive future for American football. 

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