Micah Parsons sends clear message to Zach Wilson 

By: Manayaninfo.com

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys star defender, defends Zach Wilson after a challenging Week 2 game against the New York Jets. 

Parsons emphasizes the need for patience and support for the young quarterback, highlighting that comparisons to Aaron Rodgers are unfair. 

He believes that Wilson needs time to learn and grow, and this season was meant to be a reset for him. 

Parsons expresses concern about the "toxic" atmosphere on the Jets' sideline, referencing heated exchanges between players and coaches. 

While advocating for patience, Parsons acknowledges that Wilson's performance as a replacement for Rodgers has been subpar. 

Parsons suggests that if the Jets can't support Wilson, they should consider free-agent quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Joe Flacco, and Wilson's future with the team might be in jeopardy if he doesn't improve against the Chiefs. 

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