Jets Seek QB Insurance After Aaron Rodgers Injury, Rule Out Brady and Kaepernick 


Jets' QB Dilemma 

The New York Jets are actively searching for a backup quarterback after Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury, despite having faith in rookie Zach Wilson. 

Tom Brady Not an Option 

The Jets have ruled out pursuing Tom Brady, who recently retired and is not interested in returning to the field. 

Colin Kaepernick Excluded 

The Jets are not considering Colin Kaepernick, who expressed interest in a comeback but hasn't played in the NFL for seven years. 

Preference for Familiarity 

New York aims to add a quarterback who is familiar with Zach Wilson and the coaching staff/system. 

Limited Options 

Finding a suitable quarterback who meets these criteria is proving challenging, given the limited pool of available options. 

Familiar Faces 

The Jets are exploring veteran free agents like Joe Flacco and Chad Henne, both of whom have connections to the team or offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. 

Trade Scenarios Unlikely 

Pursuing bigger-name veterans from other teams, like Ryan Tannehill, would require trades that seem improbable after the draft picks already traded for Rodgers. 

Promotion of Tim Boyle 

While the search continues, Tim Boyle from the Jets' practice squad is set to be promoted as Zach Wilson's backup. 

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