Israel's Intense Battle to Crush Hamas and Free Hostages 


Israeli forces launched an operation to drive out Hamas militants and free hostages, securing 22 locations in southern Israel while sweeping through 8 others. 

A surprise attack by hundreds of Hamas gunmen, accompanied by rocket fire, resulted in over 600 deaths in Israel and over 310 casualties in Gaza. 

Over 400 Palestinian gunmen were killed, and dozens arrested during the fighting in Israel. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a "long and difficult war," warning Hamas of severe consequences. 

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh claimed they were on the "verge of a great victory." 

Gunmen breached the Gaza perimeter fence, infiltrating southern Israel by motorbike, paraglider, and sea. 

Israeli forces launched rescue operations, killed militants, and continued to clear areas as concerns grew for hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. 

Deadly Clash: Hundreds Killed in Unprecedented Hamas-Israel Battle!