Injury Scare: Colorado Star Travis Hunter Hospitalized After Late Hit in Thrilling Win Over CSU 


Injury During Thrilling Victory 

The University of Colorado secured a thrilling 43-35 double-overtime win against Colorado State, but it came at a cost as two-way star Travis Hunter was taken to the hospital during the game. 

The Mysterious Hospitalization 

The reason for Hunter's hospitalization was not immediately disclosed, but it was linked to an illegal hit he sustained during the second quarter.

Dual Role 

Travis Hunter was a standout player for the Buffaloes, excelling as both a wide receiver on offense and a cornerback on defense.

Coach's Update 

Coach Deion Sanders could only offer limited information after the game, stating that Hunter would likely be out for a few weeks.

Two Fouls on the Play 

During the controversial play that led to Hunter's injury, the Rams were penalized twice, with safety Henry Blackburn flagged for pass interference and nickel back Ayden Hector assessed a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Hunter's Resilience 

Despite the injury scare, Travis Hunter returned to the game, displaying his determination by continuing to play on both offense and defense in the second quarter.

Impact on the Team 

Losing Hunter was a significant blow for the Buffaloes, as his absence essentially felt like losing two key players at once, according to defensive back Shilo Sanders.

Heisman Contender 

Henry, along with Buffs quarterback Shedeur Sanders, has been gaining attention as an early candidate for the Heisman Trophy due to his impressive performances on both sides of the field.

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