Huge update in Michael Oher controversy 


A judge has decided to end the conservatorship held by the Tuohy family over former NFL player Michael Oher, one month after he accused them of misleading him into thinking they legally adopted him. 

Michael Oher's relationship with the Tuohys, which inspired the movie "The Blind Side," became controversial when he claimed they exploited him for financial gain. 

The conservatorship, established when Oher was 18 in 2004, allowed the Tuohys to make business deals on his behalf. 

Judge Kathleen Gomes expressed surprise that the conservatorship, typically reserved for medical or disability cases, was approved. 

Despite the end of the conservatorship, Oher's case continues as he seeks a financial accounting of the money earned from his name and story. 

The Tuohy family denies any wrongdoing and calls Oher's claims a "shakedown," while Oher had a successful NFL career, including a Super Bowl win with the Baltimore Ravens.

TNF featured a pair of confusing calls from officials