Controversial NFL Call Sparks Outrage: Chiefs' Jawaan Taylor Safety Drama


In a game against the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs' tackle Jawaan Taylor faced another controversial call that resulted in a safety for the Jets, impacting the scoreboard in a 23-20 victory. 

Taylor had been in the spotlight since Week 1 for alleged illegal alignment and false starts that went largely uncalled. 

In Week 2, Taylor received five penalties and was briefly benched by head coach Andy Reid. He was flagged twice more in Week 3. 

Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes expressed concerns that officials were unfairly targeting Taylor with penalties. 

A facemask penalty on Taylor in the end zone led to a safety for the Jets, despite some debate over whether the penalty occurred within the end zone. 

Another questionable penalty, a horse-collar tackle, aided the Jets in scoring a touchdown, adding to the controversy surrounding officiating in the game. 

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