Aaron Rodgers' Unexpected Comeback! 

By: Manayaninfo.com

Aaron Rodgers, who is recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, will reportedly attend the New York Jets' "Sunday Night Football" game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

He has been rehabbing near his home in Los Angeles and needed medical clearance to fly to New York for the game. 

While he can walk on crutches, Rodgers won't be on the Jets' sideline for safety reasons; instead, he will watch from a private box. 

Taylor Swift, rumored to be dating Chiefs star Travis Kelce, is also expected to attend the game. 

The Jets have been struggling since Rodgers got injured, losing consecutive games to the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. 

Rodgers' presence at the game is hoped to boost the morale of struggling backup quarterback Zach Wilson as they face a tough challenge from the Chiefs. 

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