In the upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, set to air on Monday, October 9, tensions are set to reach new heights as John “Finn” Finnegan grapples with the unexpected romantic involvement between Deacon Sharpe and Sheila Carter. Meanwhile, Hope Logan confides in her mother, Brooke Logan, about her recent conversation with Finn, leading to some unexpected advice.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights:

John “Finn” Finnegan will face Deacon Sharpe at Il Giardino, with Sheila Carter also present. The atmosphere becomes charged as Deacon attempts to persuade Finn of Sheila’s potential for change, but Finn remains cautious. In a surprising turn of events, Finn demands that Deacon should end his relationship with Sheila. However, Deacon stands firm in his love for Sheila, suggesting that Finn might come to share his feelings if he opens his heart. Despite Finn’s efforts, Deacon remains resolute in his commitment to Sheila, leaving Finn frustrated as he storms out.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Finn's Ultimatum Change Deacon's Heart?

Meanwhile, Hope Logan confides in her mother, Brooke Logan, about her conversation with Finn. Brooke is pleased to hear that Finn shares her concerns about Hope’s relationship with Thomas Forrester. Finn’s assessment that Hope deserves better resonates with Brooke, who encourages her daughter to heed his advice. While Hope acknowledges the strength of Thomas’s devotion, Brooke emphasizes that true love should not be confused with mere infatuation. Finn believes that the right person is out there for Hope, while Brooke remains hopeful that Hope might eventually find her way back to Liam Spencer.

Later, Hope encounters Finn once more, sensing that something is amiss. Finn drops a cryptic hint, suggesting she pay a visit to Deacon. Perplexed, Hope wonders what’s happening, receiving no further updates from Finn regarding Deacon’s burgeoning romance with Sheila. This leaves Hope utterly surprised when she visits Deacon’s apartment and discovers the depth of his feelings for Sheila.

In the midst of these developments, RJ Forrester becomes concerned upon noticing Luna Nozawa’s distress at the design office. Luna has just received a troubling phone call from her mother, Poppy, who mentioned Luna’s aunt, Li Finnegan. Poppy attempts to persuade Luna to leave Los Angeles to avoid stirring up family drama at Forrester Creations. While Luna drops subtle hints about her complex situation to RJ, she keeps the specifics to herself as their connection deepens.

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