In the midst of training camp, Sean Payton, the head coach of the Broncos, deliberated the idea of retaining Ben DiNucci as a third quarterback on the roster. However, Payton made a carefully considered decision to forego this option, driven by his reservations about the revamped third quarterback rule.

This situation led Payton to express a noteworthy concern regarding the architecture of the rule, a concern rooted in ensuring that teams are never caught without quarterbacks, particularly during high-stakes standalone games.

“I believe many people thought that if the new rule allowed teams to bring a third quarterback from their practice squad on game day, it might have been a better solution,” Payton explained during a press conference on Tuesday. “But the new rule essentially states that if you retain a third quarterback on your active roster, you can promote him without any restrictions. What we witnessed in the Philadelphia versus San Francisco situation is a rare occurrence, happening once every four years.”

Sean Payton

Payton further elaborated, “We have great confidence in the two quarterbacks on our roster, and we believe we’ll have a highly capable practice squad quarterback as well. This is the approach we’ve decided to take. However, some teams may opt to keep a third quarterback on their active roster. Ultimately, it’s a team’s decision on how to manage their 53-man roster. The new rule still mandates having a third quarterback on the 53-man roster. I’ll be curious to see, perhaps a week from now, how many teams, like ours, choose to stick with two quarterbacks. I’m sure there will be a few, but we will have a third quarterback within our organization.”

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