Actress Olivia Wilde is facing a storm of criticism on social media after a recent tweet that appeared to take a swipe at Taylor Swift’s latest romantic interest, NFL star Travis Kelce.

In a now-viral tweet, Olivia Wilde wrote, “I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist,” leaving fans bewildered and many Swifties expressing their disappointment. Some Twitter users were quick to remind Wilde of her own dating history, pointing out that she had previously dated Harry Styles, a relationship that garnered significant media attention in the past.

Olivia Wilde Sparks Controversy with Tweet About Taylor Swift's New Romance

One user on the social media platform expressed their confusion, stating, “Didn’t she date Harry Styles, or am I missing something?” Another chimed in, saying, “I get it, but also… who is Olivia Wilde to say anything? I don’t remember Harry Styles restoring the ozone when they were dating.” This reference to Olivia’s past relationship with Styles was made since the famous musician has also been romantically linked to the actress.

While Olivia Wilde faced criticism for her tweet, there were also those who found humor in her comment. One supporter defended Wilde, suggesting, “Agreed, Olivia! Taylor Swift‘s influence, combined with a climate scientist’s passion for change, could make a powerful impact,” highlighting the potential for raising awareness about climate issues.

It’s worth noting that the original tweet, initially posted by Westworld star Katja Herbers, likely intended to be a humorous commentary on the lack of substantial environmental action, especially among celebrities. Another follower added support, saying, “Imagine the awareness they could raise together!”

This online discussion unfolded following the confirmation of a budding romance between Taylor Swift, 33, and Travis Kelce, 34, on September 24. Swift was spotted in a VIP box alongside Kelce’s mother, Donna, passionately supporting the NFL star during a game against the Chicago Bears. A week later, she was seen in the stands again, cheering for Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s evident that Kelce is smitten with the “Blank Space” singer, and fans are eagerly anticipating whether Swift will continue to support him at his games, especially given that her next leg of the Eras Tour doesn’t commence until October 18. There’s a possibility that Swifties might witness the singer in the stands once again as the Chiefs go head-to-head against the Minnesota Vikings.

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