Last year, the New York Giants showed promise with their 9-7-1 record, appearing as a competitive playoff team on the rise. However, this season has been a stark contrast for the Giants.

In 12 quarters of play, the New York Giants have struggled significantly, with only a standout second-half performance against a struggling Arizona Cardinals team to show for it. In the remaining 10 quarters, the Giants were outscored 90-12. While it’s not a massive sample size, it does raise concerns about the New York Giants’ prospects for the rest of the season.

A pivotal game awaits the New York Giants on Monday night as they take on the Seattle Seahawks, with the odds not in their favor. The New York Giants, already dealing with injuries to key players like running back Saquon Barkley and offensive tackle Andrew Thomas, find themselves as 1.5-point home underdogs. The betting line has shifted dramatically from the New York Giants being favorites just a week ago to the Seattle Seahawks now having the upper hand. It’s worth noting that the majority of bets placed on the spread for Monday night’s game are in favor of the Seattle Seahawks.

The Daily Struggle: Are the New York Giants in for a Tough Season?

In the world of NFL betting, when a team like the New York Giants lacks support, it can sometimes be a signal to consider backing the underdog, especially when it’s a desperate home team getting points.

But can the New York Giants turn their season around?

Here’s an early look at the sports betting options for Monday:

Props for Seahawks at New York Giants:

All three quarterbacks who faced the Seattle Seahawks had decent games. With Saquon Barkley sidelined, the New York Giants rely heavily on Daniel Jones. While it’s uncertain if Jones will have an efficient game, his passing total of 231.5 yards seems a bit low. Additionally, you can bet on passing attempts, and leaning towards the over on 32.5 attempts for Daniel Jones might be a wise choice. In related news, Darren Waller, despite a couple of quiet games against strong defenses, could shine against a more forgiving defense. Betting on Waller to have over 4.5 receptions and over 47.5 yards on Monday night might be a profitable move for the New York Giants.

Not Much Else on Monday:

Monday presents an unusual sports schedule. MLB’s regular season concluded on Sunday, and the NBA season has yet to start. While NHL preseason games are underway, the primary focus remains on the Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants matchup and a single English Premier League game, where Chelsea faces Fulham, with Chelsea being the +110 favorite on the three-way line.

What’s the Best Bet for the New York Giants?

With limited options, sticking with the New York Giants, as suggested last week, seems reasonable. However, keep in mind that this type of game, where an underdog nobody wants to support, can sometimes lead to surprising upsets. It’s a cautious choice to back the New York Giants on this relatively quiet Monday in the sports world.

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