Millie Bobby Brown, the renowned actress famous for her role in “Stranger Things,” has once again ignited the internet with her unconventional passion for carrots. In a recent viral video clip, Millie Bobby showcases her genuine affection for these humble root vegetables, captivating fans with her quirky yet endearing personality.

The buzz surrounding Millie Bobby’s unique fascination with carrots began when UNILAD, a prominent British media outlet, shared short segments from their 11-minute interview with her on TikTok. Initially uploaded on YouTube in late September, the full interview garnered a respectable 41,000 views. However, it was the shorter TikTok snippets featuring Millie Bobby and her beloved carrots that truly went viral, amassing an astounding 8.3 million views for one particular clip.

In this viral video, Millie Bobby playfully examines an array of carrots provided by UNILAD. She openly expresses her preference for baby carrots over the shredded variety, but her true delight lies in whole, unpeeled carrots with their vibrant green tops intact. With a playful grin, she boldly exclaims, “The dirtier, the better!”

Millie Bobby's Unusual Obsession: A Deep Dive into Her Love for Carrots

This video sparked a flurry of over 2,900 comments from intrigued viewers. Many found Millie Bobby’s carrot enthusiasm both entertaining and perplexing, especially when she revealed her distaste for ranch dressing, a culinary preference that seemed incongruous to some.

Interestingly, several TikTok users drew amusing parallels between Millie Bobby’s passion for uncleaned carrots and characters from the British animation series “Wallace and Gromit.” They playfully attributed her fascination to a stereotypically British appreciation for the ordinary.

In response to the video, TikTok users expressed a range of emotions, from professing their adoration for Millie Bobby to expressing sheer bewilderment. One devoted fan even created an edited video clip of the carrot segment, complete with visually captivating effects and a dedicated soundtrack, paying homage to the talented actress.

This unexpected spotlight on Millie Bobby’s love for unwashed carrots is not entirely new. In a November interview with Wired, she candidly revealed that carrots are her all-time favorite food and addressed some of the internet’s most common inquiries about her dietary preferences. Furthermore, in 2020, during a conversation with fellow actor Louis Partridge, published by Glamour, Millie Bobby discussed her fondness for carrots and how she devoured large crates of them while on the set of “Stranger Things.”

Millie Bobby’s quirky passion for carrots continues to captivate the internet, offering a glimpse into her distinctive personality beyond her successful acting career.

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