In the wake of a devastating loss to Florida State, Brian Kelly didn’t hold back during a postgame press conference, delivering a stinging critique of LSU Football that spared no one. In an unusually candid manner for a college coach, particularly after a challenging matchup against a top-10 opponent in a hostile environment, Kelly pointed fingers at himself, his coaching staff, and his team.

“We certainly are not the LSU Football team I thought we were,” admitted Kelly, reflecting on No. 5 LSU’s painful 45-24 defeat to No. 8 Florida State. “We’ve got to do a much better job, obviously, in developing our LSU Football team. We clearly were short in a lot of areas tonight, and that falls on me.”

But Kelly’s criticism didn’t stop there; he went further to describe the performance as a “total failure” on both the coaching and player fronts. He even went as far as to describe his team as imposters, suggesting that they may have overestimated their abilities.

However, it’s worth noting that despite this scathing assessment, the matchup between these talent-rich teams remained competitive for over three quarters. LSU Football’s failure to execute critical fourth-down plays cost them valuable points.

LSU Football Faces Harsh Reality After Crushing Defeat to FSU – Brian Kelly Speaks Out

Nonetheless, the glaring truth remains that Florida State dominated the trenches, with their quarterback Jordan Travis outshining LSU Football’s Jayden Daniels, their wide receivers outperforming LSU’s, and LSU Football’s secondary proving to be a liability, just as Kelly had cautioned.

While LSU Football managed to apply some pressure on Travis in the first half, he enjoyed a comfortable pocket in the second half, with standout wide receivers Keon Coleman and Johnny Wilson wreaking havoc.

Conversely, LSU Football’s highly-touted stars failed to shine.

The disappearance of Harold Perkins, once a disruptive edge rusher, raised eyebrows. Shifting him to inside linebacker this season, a move that required more versatility, didn’t yield positive results against FSU. Perkins made only five tackles and failed to disrupt the quarterback.

Perhaps LSU Football should consider returning Perkins to a more simplified role to unleash his potential.

As for Jayden Daniels, he regressed, resembling the quarterback who struggled in the opening loss to Florida State last season. Daniels frequently missed open targets and made incorrect reads on run-pass option plays.

Daniels acknowledged, “What Coach was talking about, the urgency and the choices we make, he’s right. Everything falls back on me.”

LSU Football’s reluctance to run the ball suggested a realization that their offensive line couldn’t match FSU’s physicality.

Brian Kelly had exuded confidence prior to the game, boldly stating that LSU Football would “beat the heck out of Florida State.” Unfortunately, the Tigers failed to back up their coach’s brash words.

Mike Norvell, FSU’s coach, responded with grace, simply stating, “It’s good to be able to play the game.”

For Kelly, this loss revived the narrative of his struggles in big games, a reputation he developed during his tenure at Notre Dame. Although LSU Football had momentarily silenced critics with an upset win over Alabama the previous November, this loss to FSU raised doubts once again.

Kelly’s first season at LSU Football had been defined by resilience and a team determined to bounce back after a disappointing loss to FSU. This season, however, was supposed to be different – a story of a highly ranked LSU Football team with an experienced quarterback, overflowing talent, and dreams of contending for the College Football Playoff.

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Yet, the reality fell far short of the hype, and Brian Kelly summed it up best: “Disappointing.”

This assessment, though critical, represents just a fraction of his true disappointment in the performance of LSU Football.