Kim Zolciak’s divorce from Kroy Biermann has taken a perplexing turn, with growing concerns that financial issues may be at the heart of their separation.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on the “Legally Us” podcast, attorney Neama Rahmani offered his insights into the situation. He pointed out, “Financial problems are often a leading cause of divorce,” and speculated that these financial pressures might be the hidden catalyst in their ongoing divorce.

Despite not representing Kim Zolciak in her divorce, Rahmani expressed surprise that the couple has not yet explored bankruptcy as a solution to their financial woes. He remarked, “Their approach to both the family side and the potential bankruptcy is baffling. It appears that these two need to go their separate ways, consider filing for bankruptcy, and essentially hit the reset button on both their personal and professional lives, given the apparent chaos.”

Kim Zolciak

Recent reports have shed light on Zolciak’s financial difficulties. She has been sued by a debt collection company over an unpaid bill on her HSBC/Saks card, amounting to $156,080.64, including accrued interest due to missed payments. The card originally had a $115,000 limit, and Zolciak’s last payment was a $4,179 installment in September 2022. Presently, the card remains restricted and unusable.

Compounding these issues, TMZ reported in May that Zolciak owed over $1.1 million in back taxes to the IRS. An anonymous source disclosed, “The tax debt, coupled with other financial strains, created a challenging situation. The tax liability was the final blow to their marriage.”

Rahmani clarified that in some scenarios, remaining married may offer certain financial advantages, depending on a couple’s assets and debts.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s marital journey has been tumultuous, with numerous twists and turns. They initially filed for divorce in May after nearly 12 years of marriage, sparking public disputes over custody of their four minor children and complex family dynamics. In July, they temporarily halted the divorce proceedings, but this reconciliation proved to be short-lived. Biermann subsequently filed for divorce once again, citing an “irretrievably broken” marriage. He is seeking full custody of their children, exclusive use of their Georgia home, and a restraining order against Zolciak.

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An insider divulged, “Many had doubts about the longevity of their reconciliation. Ultimately, their issues boiled down to conflicts and financial stress.”