we bring you the latest in the case involving pro golfer Scottie Scheffler.

Detective Bryan Gillis has issued a statement following the dismissal of charges against Scheffler. In his letter, Gillis expressed gratitude towards Scheffler for his respectful demeanor throughout the legal proceedings.

‘Mr. Scheffler and I both agree that there will be no ill will over this going forward,’ Gillis wrote. ‘Instead of giving a negative public reaction, he chose to speak with dignity, humility, and respect. My family and I appreciate that.’

However, Gillis took issue with statements made by Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, during a recent press conference. Romines had claimed that the arrest was ‘false’ and challenged Gillis’s integrity.

‘It was unfortunate and disturbing to hear Steve Romines’ commentary today—claiming a “false arrest” was made and for him to challenge my honesty and integrity,’ Gillis responded. ‘To be clear, I was dragged by the car, went to the ground, and received visible injuries to my knees and wrist. I’m going to recover from it, and it will be okay.’

Court Officer Extends Gratitude to Scottie Scheffler Amid Legal Wrangle, Playfully Notes Wardrobe Mishap

Romines had also stated that Scheffler was not suing the Louisville Metro Police Department because it would ultimately burden the taxpayers.

‘He didn’t do anything wrong,’ Romines said. ‘The more evidence comes out, the more it shows that Scottie was a victim in all this.’

Romines defended Scheffler’s actions by explaining that his client was under extreme stress and being asked leading questions post-arrest. He suggested this led to Scheffler’s statements that appeared contradictory to Romines’ assertions.

Scheffler, on the other hand, maintained a tone of reconciliation. ‘As I stated previously, this was an unfortunate misunderstanding,’ Scheffler wrote. ‘I hold no ill will toward Officer Gillis. I wish to put this incident behind me and move on, and I hope he will do the same. Police officers have a difficult job, and I hold them in high regard.’

Both Scheffler and Gillis emphasized the tragic loss of life that occurred during the incident. Gillis reflected on the broader significance, saying, ‘The reality is there are more important things in the world right now than a back-and-forth over this. A person lost his life that day, and a family lost a loved one.’

In a lighter note, Gillis humorously addressed the attention his ruined pants received, stating, ‘Yes, the department has us buying freaking $80 pants. To those concerned, they were indeed ruined. But Scottie, it’s all good. I never would’ve guessed I’d have the most famous pair of pants in the country for a few weeks because of this.’