Ed Sheeran, the sensational singer-songwriter, recently surprised fans with a captivating story about his rendezvous with the rap icon Snoop Dogg. In an exclusive interview on Conan O’Brien’s podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” Ed Sheeran shared a fascinating glimpse into an unforgettable night spent in the company of the legendary Snoop Dogg.

A Serendipitous Backstage Meeting with Ed Sheeran

The unexpected encounter unfolded backstage at one of Snoop Dogg’s electrifying concerts in Melbourne. Accompanied by his wife and mother-in-law, Ed Sheeran had a unique opportunity to connect with the iconic artist. Surprisingly, the two musicians discovered a shared connection in the form of Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe, which paved the way for their impromptu gathering.

Ed Sheeran’s Unusual Cannabis Experience

Ed Sheeran's Remarkable Cannabis Encounter: A Night to Remember with Snoop Dogg

Ed Sheeran, not typically associated with cannabis use, found himself in a rather unconventional situation behind the scenes. Snoop Dogg, renowned for his passion for marijuana, was generously passing joints to those in attendance. Sheeran humorously recounted his experience, saying, “I distinctly remember looking at Ed Sheeran and thinking, ‘I can’t see straight right now.'” He further quipped, “I’m not a regular smoker, but in that dressing room, they were passing around blunt after blunt. I figured that at some point that night, I had to join in, if only to proudly declare that I had smoked with Snoop Dogg.”

A Valuable Life Lesson from Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran also opened up about a more profound aspect of his experience, revealing his brief experimentation with various substances earlier this year. He admitted to trying different drugs, influenced by friends who were exploring similar paths. Initially, it was an occasional indulgence, but it quickly developed into a habit, with Sheeran using drugs almost daily. However, he soon realized that this lifestyle didn’t align with his well-being, especially when alcohol was part of the equation. Consequently, he made the conscious decision to put an end to it, recognizing the negative impact it had on him.

In conclusion, Ed Sheeran’s candid revelations about his night with Snoop Dogg offer a captivating insight into the unexpected adventures that can occur in the music world. From sharing joints backstage to reflecting on personal choices, Sheeran’s story reminds us that even global superstars like Ed Sheeran have their unique tales of memorable encounters and life lessons.

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