Hello Everyone, we’re turning our attention to the Baltimore Ravens and their exciting new acquisition, Derrick Henry. NFL.com’s Judy Battista has made a bold prediction for the upcoming season, forecasting a standout performance from the veteran running back.

Henry, who joined the Ravens this offseason on a two-year, $16 million contract, brings his formidable talent to a team renowned for its powerful running game. Despite being 30 years old and having accumulated significant mileage over his career, Battista believes Henry is poised for a major impact.

In her list of bold predictions for the 2024 NFL season, Battista predicts Henry will amass 1,600 rushing yards. She writes, “This is the free-agency marriage we all wanted, and the Ravens and Henry will be just as great a fit as we imagined. Even at 30 years old, he should lead the league in carries and could accumulate more rushing yards than he has in any season except his 2,000-yard effort in 2020.”

NFL Analyst Forecasts Derrick Henry's Impactful Season with the Baltimore Ravens

Last season with the Tennessee Titans, Henry rushed for 1,167 yards, averaging a career-low 4.2 yards per carry. However, this was in an offense struggling with a rookie quarterback at the helm. Henry’s best seasons include 1,538 yards in 2022 and an impressive 2,000 yards in 2020.

The Ravens, known for their high-scoring offense, are expected to be a boon for Henry. Head coach John Harbaugh has expressed confidence in Henry’s potential, suggesting the team will introduce innovative concepts to maximize his effectiveness. Despite losing three starting offensive linemen, the Ravens have a reputation for effectively developing replacements.

While Henry is set to lead the charge, the Ravens’ backfield remains deep with talents like Justice Hill and Keaton Mitchell. This depth might allow the team to manage Henry’s workload, ensuring he remains healthy for a potentially challenging season and crucial playoff run.

Henry’s contract also includes incentives, offering an additional $500,000 if he surpasses 1,500 yards. With a strong team around him and a coach committed to leveraging his skills, Derrick Henry’s upcoming season with the Ravens promises to be one to watch.