Ashley Johnson, a well-known actress celebrated for her roles in popular video games like The Last of Us and her contributions to the prominent streaming franchise Critical Role, has recently made headlines due to a significant legal action she has taken in Los Angeles. Johnson, along with six other women, two of whom are current employees of Critical Role, is at the center of a civil lawsuit that targets Brian W. Foster, a former colleague associated with Critical Role. The lawsuit alleges various forms of misconduct, including domestic violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual battery, assault, and stalking.

Ashley Johnson’s Allegations Against Brian W. Foster:

The complaint paints a troubling picture of Brian W. Foster’s behavior, particularly in relation to Ashley Johnson. Among the allegations is that Foster made inappropriate and unwelcome sexual comments to Johnson’s sister while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Additionally, Foster is accused of groping a Critical Role employee during a live event in Chicago in February 2020. Jane Doe, one of the plaintiffs, claims that Foster groped her and attempted to forcibly insert his hand into her pants while she attended a separate event in Austin in November 2019.

Impact on Current Critical Role Employees:

Ashley Johnson's Lawsuit Alleging Misconduct by Brian W. Foster and Ongoing Legal Proceedings

Another current employee of Critical Role has come forward, stating that Foster demanded explicit photos from her and groped her during a coffee run in 2019. In 2021, Foster allegedly attempted to massage and grope this employee again while at Ashley Johnson’s residence for a filming session. The lawsuit highlights that the employee refrained from reporting Foster’s behavior in 2019 out of fear of retaliation and manipulation.

Critical Role’s Response:

In response to the lawsuit, Critical Role issued a statement expressing shock at the allegations against their former employee, Brian W. Foster. They reiterated their commitment to supporting the victims and fostering a safe and healthy workplace culture. Critical Role emphasized that they had no prior knowledge of Foster’s actions.

Restraining Order and Ongoing Legal Proceedings:

In earlier developments in 2023, Ashley Johnson had secured a restraining order against Brian W. Foster, citing concerns for her safety following their breakup. The lawsuit also alleges that Foster engaged in concerning actions, such as carrying Airsoft guns and a garotte and using Ashley Johnson’s home security cameras and microphones to monitor her activities. In addition to seeking compensatory and punitive damages, the lawsuit aims to secure an injunction to prevent Foster from contacting Ashley Johnson and her family, and to maintain a distance of at least a hundred feet from her.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, Ashley Johnson has continued to participate in Critical Role’s content since the protective order became public.

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